Protect Your Purchase at Wild West Motorsports

Protect Your Purchase at Wild West Motorsports

Learn About Our VIP Program.

This program is exclusive to Wild West Motorsports!

(Notice: Available for Harley-Davidson®, Honda, and Yamaha makes. This service option may not be available for all models sold at the dealership. Eligible models are at the discretion of the dealer.)

One free OEM tire replacement, labor included!

Wash and polish bike at every service!

By joining:

  • Not only do you save money - but you lock in today's cost for parts and labor.
  • You can ride worry free, finding confidence in knowing that your bike is a fine-tuned machine.
  • You will never have to pay out of pocket for regular maintenance for as long as you own your bike.
  • You increase your resale value by keeping the highest standard of maintenance on your bike.
  • Service is provided per manufacturer timelines.

In addition to these fantastic benefits, you also receive the following:

5 Additional Ways You Can Ride Worry Free

  • Credit Life.

    Make sure your family is protected in the event you check into H.O.G.® heaven a little earlier than planned. Sure, they'll be relieved that they no longer have to hear your armpit rendition of the National Anthem, but leaving them with an asset rather than a debt beats even that. Credit life will pay off the remaining balance of your loan in the event of your death. Oh, stop with the sniffling - we said 'in the event of.

  • GAP Protection.

    Protect yourself in the event of a total loss. Oh, and protect your image too. GAP protection will pay the difference between the amount you owe and the amount your insurance company will cover. Look, your bike is already going to be mad at you for giving it the "scrap metal" makeover. Ensure that you will not have to make payments on a bike you no longer own so you don't have to be mad at yourself. Really, do you want to be that guy?

  • Extended Service Contract.

    You don't just own your bike. You have a relationship with it. In any worthwhile relationship, you must be prepared for the long haul. Leave nothing to chance ' get an extended service contract. This way the love of your life will always be in perfect running condition, at your beck and call when you've had a bad day. And, your bike is protected nationwide so it will always feel like the honeymoon.

  • Accident & Health Protection.

    If you become seriously sick or injured, no hangovers don't count, accident and health protection will pay your monthly payment while you're recovering. Keep your credit in good standing and your toy in your garage so you have something to look forward to once you're feeling better. Your tough biker image might make everyone else cower, but a creditor won't be fazed.

  • Tire & Wheel Protection.

    If you catch a nail in your tire, dent your rim, or just don't see that porcupine (poor little guy), tire & wheel protection will not only pay to replace your tire or rim, it will also cover your towing bill. Of course, you won't need this if you only plan on riding around your garage. Come on, get out and ride that thing.